Mocking vs Fake Objects

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Sometimes in a large scale projects we need to replace some layers that are not implemented yet with something to enable us testing upper layers. Most of the time we hear about Mocking as a solution. But actually there are other acceptable solutions. Here we examine these solutions.

Test Doubles: Dummy Object, Test Stub, Mock objects and Fake Objects

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What are Dummy Object, Test Stub, Mock objects and Fake Objects and why they are known as test doubles? In unit testing, we need to control the state or behavior of depended component of the unit under test. We need to put it in a defined state so that a specific path of the unit under test could be tested. On the other hand, always we can not examine the state of the unit under test or its related components and we need to examine the behavior of them to find out about the success or failure of our tests. Test doubles are here to be used in these circumstances.

Code coverage Arquilian and Jacoco

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Enabling code coverage analysis for integration tests by Arquilian and Jacoco is sometimes boring. Here we document our experiments on using Jacoco with Arquilian for Code coverage.
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