Websphere does not insert record with Eclipselink

When migrating from glassfish to WAS and using Eclipselink in WAS, one of the common errors is that the Eclipselink does not insert the records in DB. The solution is defining the TargetServer property of Eclipselink. The value WebSphere_7 should be used for WebSphere Application Server version 7 and later.

Other values of this property and related App server is listed here:

  • JBoss: JBoss Application Server

  • OC4J: OC4J persistence provider

  • SAPNetWeaver_7_1: SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.1 (and higher)

  • SunAS9: Sun Application Server 9

  • WebLogic: Oracle WebLogic Server

  • WebLogic_10: Oracle WebLogic Server 10

  • WebLogic_9: Oracle WebLogic Server 9

  • WebSphere: IBM WebSphere

  • WebSphere_6_1: IBM WebSphere 6.1

  • WebSphere_7: IBM WebSphere 7

  • Default (TargetServer.None)




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