Rooting Android 4.2.2 based Tablet X-Vision XL10 - 700G (Rockchip rk3188)

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X-Vision tablet XL10 - 700G

The new X-Vision tablet XL10 - 700G is a good one based on its price and  configurations. The price in Iran is about 200 $ and the specifications are as following:

  • Rockchip 3188 Cortex A9 ,Quad Core with 1.6GHz 
  • 9.4 Inch TFT LCD with a resolution of 800 × 1280 and Multi-Touch support
  • Featured with microUSB - HDMI, USB host (OTG)
  • 16GB internal storage ( actually about 12GB )
  • RAM : 2GB
  • Front Camera : 2 MegaPixel
  • Back Camera : 5 MegaPixel
  • OS : Google Android v4.2.2 - Jelly Bean
  • Battery : Li-ion 6400mAh

Full Rockchip board specification can be found in the Rockchip 3188 page on Rockchip official site.

Recently one of my friends bought one of these tablets. When I saw the tablet for the first time, I found myself playing with it around 3 hours. Everything works perfectly on the tablet and it is really responsive. I tried to connect to proxy servers and that was the beginning of the story. The proxy app on the tablet that starts with Psi...n tried to find servers. After finding servers for connecting, an strange error occured:

Can not initailize service Interface.

and whole device mode did not work. I switched to browser only and that worked perfect. But whole device mode did not worked at all. 

I digged the log and found out this line after the previous error:

checking for root access: root access denied.

After some googling I found that if the App is designed to switch to iptables mode (for rooted 4+ devices) when it detects a failure to configure the VPN Service. As mentioed in this topic on the google group, when "Whole device mode For Android 4 +" fails, it is supposed to automatically switch to "Whole device mode for Rooted Android".  

After that, I googled again and found out that there are some ROMs that required modules for some VPNs are not included in them. It seems that the ROM on this tablet is like them! It's interesting that there is a reository of these modules and an installer( tun.ko installer) that based of the device specification, download and installed requierd modules from the repository.

Unfortunately, the installer needs root access to work on the device and I have no root access on this device yet!

When I found out that the proxy app is programmed to automatically switch to "Whole device mode for Rooted Android" then I decided to just root the device and let the App switch to the "Whole device mode for Rooted Android" without furthur installing missed VPN modules.

Rooting X-Vision tablet XL10 - 700G

Based on my revious experiences on rooting android 2.3 devices, I searched google to find a way of rooting the device without installing custom recovery. The Android version on tablet was 4.2.2 and I start googling with rooting Android 4.2.2. All of them needs to unlock the bootloader and adding custom recovery. One of my challenges was how to boot to recovery mode on the tablet. I tried all combinations of the keys on the device and no sucess. The device booted to recovery mode but no menue apeared.

I continued seraching but these time based on the Rockchip base board specifications. After a lot of not working solutions for other tablets that was based on this rockchip based board, I suddnely found the download section of rockchip site.

In the middle of the page I found RK3066/RK3188 ROOT Softwares. TPSarky Von Droid was one of them. The other one is Moborobo versie 2.1, a nice app that tries to find drivers of android devices and automatically connects to them. You can also find Rockchip usb drives on the download section too.


Here is how to root the device (Please USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK) :

On Tablet do the followings:

1. Adjust Sleep settings:

  • Settings->Display open sleep setting.
  • Set sleep to at least ten minutes.

2. Enabling USB connection type (PNP, Mass storage and ...)

  • Settings->storage->click on Three dots in upper right of Settings window title field
  • Select USB computer connection Dropdown menu .
  • Select "Mass Storage" check box
  • back out of storage settings

3. Enable installing of applications from unknown sources

  • Browse down in Settings and select Security
  • In Security Settings, Select Unknown sources, to give the Android device permission to install software from sources not specifically sanctioned by Google and the Android Consortium. This ensures that the Root utility,
    Tp-Sparky-Root.bat will have the necessary access rights to root the u30gt. If you have any qualms about unsanctioned files on your tablet or device, you will want to uncheck this selection after the rooting process is complete.

4. Enabling Debug mode:

  • scroll down in settings and select {} Developer Options, if not there, go to (i)about tablet.
  • In Developer Options, select USB debugging.

5. Close settings, and any other open apps.

6.  Goto the main android desktop, to ensure good clean reboots.

7. Using a micro USB to std USB cable, connect the tablet to PC (plug it in usb ort not host port on the table), you'll get a "connecting to usb" in notifications area in Android, and a usb icon in the notification area. You Do Not want to select "Connect to Pc to Transfer Files", in the notification menu, just plug in the cable and let it be.

On PC:

1. Download, the 1.5 version, from Rockchip download section and unzip in a directory. Rk-batch-tool 1.5 has u30gt drivers, browse the Rk-batch tool's dir for the u30 drivers for your PC OS. Right click on the rockusb.inf and chose Install, to install the driver. ( You can also fing the poper driver based on you OS version on the download page too).

2. Verify that you have a rockchip_usb USB Device under disk drives in Device Manager. Control Panel->System->Hardware-> Device Manager->Disk Drives->rockchip_usb USB Device.

3. Download TPSarky-VonDroid from Rockchip download section and unzip in a directory.

4.  Run, double click on, adb.exe first. It opens up a dos command window, runs a dos executable that launches adb server and connects to the tablet. It opens and closes so fast you won't hardly see it. If you Do Not run adb.exe. first, Tp-Sparky-Root.bat will not communicate with the U30gt, and your root will fail.

5. Now run, double click on, Tp-Sparky-Root.bat. Tp-Sparky-Root.bat will Immediately reboot the tablet.

6. When the X-Vision XL10 reboots, hit space key as instructed. Tp-Sparky-Root.bat will reboot the tablet, again.

7. Press the space key as instructed, again. The command line
will show

uid=0<root> gid=0<root>

if you have a successful root.

8. Press the space key as instructed, again. The command informs you the tablet root has been remounted, there are a couple of errors relating to SuperSU, I presume SuperSu was Not included in the tpsarky zip file, or is in the wrong place for the batch file to find it, but you can download SuperSU from GooglePlayStore. The Utility notifies you that Tp-Sparky-Root.bat is completing the root.

11. The tablet will reboot one last time.


I found this instruction for using Tp-Sparky-Root to root a RK3066 based gadget named U30gt on the xda-developers site. As mentioned there, it works for other RK3066/RK3188 based devices.


After the rooting I installed   SuperSU  from (finding the apk on the net) and granting the root access for all apps needed. 

Finally, I started the proxy app again and it switched to the "Whole device mode for Rooted Android" and worked perfectly in "Whole device mode".


M3hrshad said...
Hi.I Have A Problem With Installing Driver.I Am Using Windows8 64 Bit.When I Right Click On File A Error Appears And It Says:The Hash For File Is Not Present In The Specified Catalog File.This File Is Likely Corrupt Or The Victim Of Tampering.Pls Help.What Should I Do?
July 27, 2014 10:03
Mahmoud FarshbafDoustar (author) said...
Hi, I have installed the driver on Win7 32Bit when writing this post. I think, the last time I was able to connect to the device on Win8 64Bit by installing the driver manually using the rockusb.inf in the folder \Driver\x64\win8\ of the RK_DriverAssistant.
July 27, 2014 06:56
M3hrshad said...
بابت جواب قبلی ممنون.این مشکل در ویندوزم حل شد و درایور هم نصب شد.مشکل جدید اینه که درایور نصب میشه اما داخل دوایس منیجر اون طوری که نوشتید نشان نمیده که درایور دصب شده باشه.در قسمت disk drivesنوشته xl10700g ولی چیزی دربارهrock chip نوشته نشده. حتی در هنگام اجرای برنامه روت دیوایس ریبوت نمیشه.به نظر شما چی کار کنم؟
July 27, 2014 07:25
Mahmoud FarshbafDoustar (author) said...
Is device in debug mode? Also be sure not to select "Connect to Pc to Transfer Files", when it is shown in the notification menu of X-Vision Tablet. Just plug in the cable and let it be. Run a command-line window as Administrator in TPSarky folder (where adb.exe exists) and type the following command: adb.exe devices This should print a list of all attached emulator/device instances. Check whether anything is printed on the command-line or not.
July 27, 2014 07:52


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