Force Maven deploy multi module project only if all modules build successfully

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Forcing Maven deploy multi module maven project to maven artifact repository only after successful unit tests

We have a maven multi module project, ( or better to say a multi multi module maven project) with several maven project modules. We want to deploy them to artifact repository (mvn deploy) only if they all pass a full mvn install (which includes the tests). As Maven is not atomic when it executes the build life-cycle. So a broken set of artifacts may end up in a repository.


We have the following three requirements:

  • Execute the maven deploy goal to deploy all multi module maven artifacts to a remote repository.
  • Only deploy if ALL unit tests across all projects pass.
  • Do not repeat any processing.


Maven deploy plugin version 2.8 has a solution for this. This version of mvn deploy plugin has a property named deployAtEnd that determines whether every project should be deployed during its own deploy-phase or at the end of the multi-module build. If set to true and the build fails, none of the reactor projects is deployed to artifact repository. The default value is for this property is  false.

How to config the new maven deploy plugin in maven

How does Maven resolve plugin versions?

Every version of maven binaries has certain versions of plugin versions hard coded. That's to make a somewhat reproducible build in the cases when user doesn't provide his own version information. Which you are encouraged to do and once you populate <pluginManagement> section with the plugin versions of your choice, the build will start using it.

Maven Configuration for new maven deploy plugin

So we need to add these dependency to a parent POM (if we have one) or somewhere in a default profile in our Settings.xml in build->plugins section.


After these configuration and adding -DdeployAtEnd we ran our build and everything seems OK. 

Maven Deploy Plugin DeployAtEnd

we checked the logs and found out that on deploying maven said "deploy at end" but at the end nothing has been deployed to maven repository nexus at all!

Maven deployAtEnd not work (DeployAtEnd not deploy at all)

First we had doubt on some plugins that skip deploy but after checking the logs we found out that one module of project in the build had been used the old 2.7 plugin and that was the source of the problem.

When all poms in a multi module (or multi multi modul) project uses the same version (2.8.1) everything even skiping deploy in some modules in maven works fine and a lot of uploading at the end of maven log shows that modules uploaded to the nexus maven repository.

Maven Deploy Plugin Skip True



Marnix Klooster said...
Thanks for this post! For future reference, note that I had the same problem (deployAtEnd=true --> no deploy at all), with a different cause: a custom Maven plugin 'resets' some internal administration. The symptom is that the output of mvn -X has (not one but) multiple lines saying "[DEBUG] Created new class realm plugin>org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-deploy-plugin:2.8.2". This was with a company-internal plugin, and I have no idea whether that can be fixed. Anyway, the only reference on the internet about the same problem is on aether-users (
October 13, 2014 02:23


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