Comment Style in OpenCV

OpenCV coding style guide has a section named Writing documentation on functions, that is not very helpful in general. In addition to that there are always general points about what is good comment and what is bad comment. In this Article we will talk about those good and bad comment styles.


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In linux two types of device drivers for can bus exist: Character device based drivers and network socket based drivers. The Linux kernel supports CAN with the SocketCAN framework. LAWICEL CANUSB is controlled by the ASCII protocol and the slcan driver provides a CAN network device for these type of CAN interfaces.

Java Naming Standard and Conventions

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This naming convention is collected from a number of sources, individual experience, local requirements/needs, as well as suggestions given in the references. Main reason for introducing a new guideline rather that just referring to those one is reviewing the existing style and using the new IDEs features to make code readability the most. Each recommendation is numbered to make it easier to refer to during code reviews.

Force Maven deploy multi module project only if all modules build successfully

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Maven deploy plugin version 2.8 has a property named deployAtEnd that determines whether every project should be deployed during its own deploy-phase or at the end of the multi-module build. If set to true and the build fails, none of the reactor projects is deployed. The default value is for this property is false.

Websphere does not insert record with Eclipselink

Have you started a new JavaEE project based on EJB and JPA (Eclipselink) then tested on Glassfish and everything is OK. But on the WebSphere it seems that Eclipselink does not insert records in DB. That is because of the Target-server property of Eclipselink that should be set when using on WAS.

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