OpenCV 3.x K Nearest Neighbour (KNN) Regression

K-Nearest Neighbor (or K-NN for short) is one of the non-parametric algorithms in pattern recognition that is used for classification or regression. It is simple with the idea of finding the closest sample in training data for the coming sample (test data).

Ximea MU9PC Color Camera And OpenCV to Capture a Frame

Some code snippets for capturing a frame from Ximea Color camera MU9PM with the help of OpenCV Library is described here.

xiAPI: USB events processing thread ended abnormally!

The problem is from the underlying layers in the API . It seems that enabling -pg for gprof profiling at the compilation time causes an error in USB events processing in the layers below xiAPI in the middle of the run time process.

Vetron AutoSeam - The Automated Sewing Machine

Vetron AutoSeam is an industrial sewing machine, that identifies, adjusts and sews together the edges of the material layers stitch by stitch. The product is focused on customer processing middle to heavy materials found mainly in the automotive, leather or furniture industry.

USB 2.0 camera error on Virtual Machine (Virtual Box, VMWare) in Open CV

As who loves embedded system development and Image processing all together, I decided to run and try using my Open CV programs on an embedded Linux systems. For my private experiments I decided to develop Linux embedded on a virtual machine Linux environment. Here is the procedures I have experimented during the setup time of the development environment.
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